Хубилай Их Хааны үеийн Монгол – Солoнгoсын харилцаа

cover “The diplomatic relations of Khubilai Khaan’s Mongolia and Korea”

by B. Sumiyabaatar

Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia, 2015, 439 pp

ISBN 978-99973-3-025-3

We’re are pleased to announce the new book of Prof. Dr. sc. Sumiyabaatar B. Maral’s “The diplomatic relations of Khubilai Khaan’s Mongolia and Korea”.

This book contains and describes more than 200 authentic correspondency letters, circulated between mongolian and korean diplomatic circles. “The diplomatic relations of Khubilai Khaans’s Mongolia and Korea” shows wide range of historic events like sending mongolian scholars, veterenarians and  scientists to Korea, which uncovered hidden historic failures in korean history. Moreover, this book gives a broad view over korean translations of Chingisiin Ikh Zasag (“Great Law of Chinggis”), which original is not yet found.

This 530 paged book also uncovers other interesting and surprising events, like cancelling the master-slave relationship between Mongolia and Korea, which shows the widesided political, intellectual and scientific life in historical Mongolia.

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