Чингисийн алтан ургийн угийн бичиг ба гэрийн үеийн бичмэл, Vol. 1

The Genealogy of Mongols
Cover of the “The Genealogy of Mongols”

The Genealogy of Mongols, Vol. 1

The genealogy of the families mentioned in this book generally goes back to 18 generations. The genealogy of Chingis Khan which began 1.500 years or 40-50 generations ago and comprises hundreds of thousands of people prevented Mongolian blood from being mixed with that of other nations. Due to the encouragement of intra-tribal marriages family lines were kept stringent. From 1920 onward people were not allowed to keep genealogical records, and the descendants of the nobles and scholars were tortured and killed. This prohibition lasted for about 70 years or three generations. Although the keeping of genealogical records was rare during that period, Mongolians used to pass information about their ancestors to their children orally.

by B. Sumiyabaatar

Publisher: Jimist Khargana, Published in Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia, 2002, 720 pp., ISBN 99929-5-552-X


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